Our Services  :

Canadian Clients only:   Email: Eukandy@publictransitworld.com  Tel:647 777 8490

Eukandy Computer and Accounting Svces Ltd 

can provide financial statement preparation, 

analysis of accounting services and functions, 

reconciliations of accounts, temporary accounting jobs in any department..

Complete familiarity with all spreadsheets, Lotus, Quatro Pro, Excell , Quickbooks

and other accounting software...

Individuals , 

 Partnerships and

 Small, Medium Size Businesses and

Large corporations  

Eukandy Computer and Accounting Svces Ltd will prepare and file your

 IncomeTax Returns 

as well as Provincial Tax Returns.

Eukandy Computer and Accounting Svces Ltd. can prepare your reports 

online  with the information you supply electronically, when the data is 

supported by copies of documents, provided by downloads.

   Worldwide :

Through Eukandy Transit Guides,  business organizations , groups and 

independent business people can advertise their products and services

 in the Transit Manuals for their city of operation, 

on the routes serviced in the city's transit manuals.

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